Xúc xích cho chó vị gan – JerHigh Liver

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Liver Flavored Hotdog Bar is an innovative, new canine snack suitable for the modern lifestyle of the contemporary generation. The delectable treat is made from real chicken mixed with liver, and comes in the shape of a stick with high-quality casing. This makes it highly portable and easy to store and maintain excellent quality and flavor without refrigeration. Dogs of all breeds love them!

Liver Flavored Hotdog Bar is made from real chicken and liver meat packed with vitamin B2, B2, B6, B12, and other essential nutrients from liver. This snack has been precisely prepared by our highly experienced expert team and has been meticulously researched and tested in the laboratory to ensure that the snack is hygienic, safe, and filled with all of the nutrients man’s best friend needs to stay healthy and happy. You can rest assured that Liver Flavored Hotdog Bar has everything your pet needs to stay full of energy, good health, and happiness.

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